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Ticaboo at Lake Powell, Utah Loves Workampers!

Join us for exciting, remote, fun filled adventures in living and working at North Lake Powell Utah in Ticaboo and Offshore Marina! Ticaboo is a special place to work, live and play, just as it is a special place for our guests. We are committed to creating a supportive environment and a rewarding work experience for our staff. While we have high expectations of staff, successful staff members love working at Ticaboo.

Location Description

Located 10 miles north of Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Recreation Area, Utah, Ticaboo Resort and Offshore Marina are surrounded by stunning red rock canyons and the Henry Mountains. Experience the wonder of working and living in Majestic Southern Utah, the epicenter of some of the most iconic National Parks, and Natural Wonders on the planet!

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What is Ticaboo and Offshore Marina?

Ticaboo and offshore Marina are privately owned operations that provide the following services on the North end of Lake Powell Utah, adjacent to Glen Canyon NRA and Capitol Reef National park: We are also a concessioner of the National Park Service, with our Hite Adventure outpost location at Hite Utah, inside Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

  • Lodging, vacation rental homes food and hospitality
  • Retail and convenience
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Marine Services
  • Realestate

What is Ticaboo and Offshore Marina?

Ticaboo, Utah, in the high desert of Southern Utah on the Colorado Plateau, may be one of the most extensive combinations of natural wonder, human and natural history, and lore; a mecca for adventurers, artists, wanderers and writers alike. Early inhabitants of the area, "the ancient ones", mysteriously disappeared, but the evidence of their existence and the proof of their ingenuity and genius can be seen in their still-present dwellings and rock art drawings. The modern history of the area is born from the exploration of Glen Canyon, steeped in Uranium mining, and the development of Lake Powell. Our past, present, and future are diverse and iconic. We have the resources dreams are made of for wanderers, explorers, and adventurers, and the past legends are made of.

For more on Ticaboo, Offshore Marina and the surrounding area, visit these websites:

Things to do in and around Ticaboo

We are the "Epicenter of adventure and fun" in Ticaboo Utah, with millions of acres of majestical desert, canyons, mountains and one of the most iconic Lakes in the world right out of your front door. Our natural and human history from dinosaurs to the mystical Anasazi Ancients is some of the most abundant and unique in the world.

And check out pictures, video and more details about us on our website: http://www.ticaboo.com

Fall in love with Lake Powell and all of its Canyons. Hike, bike, kayak, swim, and boat in your free time. Explore nearly 2000 miles of shoreline on Lake Powell, or cool off in the evening hiking the 10,000 foot summits on the nearby Henry Mountains or head out in any direction into the millions of acres of public canyon and mountainous lands and find yourself in a place so quiet you can hear it, and so beautiful "it will fill the eyes and overflow the soul". You can also head out to any of the numerous National Parks or National Monuments within a 30-minute drive or a day trip from Ticaboo.

Employee Info

Living RV Park:

We are looking for hardworking, adventurous, customer service oriented individuals to join our team and help us bring Ticaboo Resort and Offshore Marina to the next level. Excellent customer service, technical skills and high personal and business ethics are a must to be chosen out of many applicants to join our team

The Ticaboo working and living experience may be a good fit for you if you are:

  • Hard-working and flexible
  • Willing and able to adapt with limited resources
  • Comfortable living in a very remote area and an "off the grid" environment
  • Self-motivated with high standards
  • Team-oriented
  • Personable and service-oriented
  • Honest and responsible
  • ‘Outdoorsy’ and able to live and work in a hot/dusty climate
  • Leading a healthy, drug-free lifestyle
  • Have a neat and clean appearance with ability to keep company housing clean and neat
  • Open to new ideas and meeting people from all walks of life
  • Can sleep soundly at night knowing the nearest Walmart is a 3-hour drive!

Our ideal candidate understands and embraces the philosophy "It's not just a job, it's a lifestyle" to the fullest!

Positions Available

Ticaboo Resort and Offshore Marina is continuously hiring for various summer, fall and year-round staff positions. We have positions available periodically in all departments. We hope you consider joining us on Lake Powell Utah and enjoying a wonderful experience working and living in Majestic Southern Utah, the epicenter of some of the most iconic National Parks, and Natural Wonders on the planet!

We are hiring for the following positions:

  • Property Maintenance
  • Employee Housing proctor
  • Front desk
  • Housekeeping
  • Marine Services
  • Grill and Deli
  • Retail Cashier

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If you are interested in a position with Ticaboo Offshore Marina, a completed application is required. Please visit our website www.lakepowellutahjobs.com/ where you can complete the application online.

Hwy 276 Mile Marker 30
Lake Powell, UT 84533


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