Diamond Workamping Jobs You May Be Missing Out On

When was the last time you found out everything you needed to know about something at first glance and by spending less than 60 seconds evaluating it? Most of us, if answering honestly, would say...not recently.

Sadly, that has become more of the world we are living in due to the volume of information we have put before us each and every day. With that said, you also have a great opportunity to learn even more about a particular topic or subject than ever before, due to the availability of information we have at our fingertips. It all comes down to how effectively you utilize the information!

It has been brought to my attention that my position on evaluating Workamping opportunities has not been as guiding as it should be. What I have forgotten is that when WKN suggests a method, or an evaluation system, it can soon become standardized.

In the past I have recommended a simple formula for a Workamping trade-out position for hours:  Number of hours times 4.25 weeks/month equals total hours/month. Then determine what the value of the site (plus other perks) is and divide it by the monthly hours to determine what your hourly rate will be.

I still stand behind the simple formula! It works, but only if you have all of the information regarding the opportunity. What is happening too often is the advertiser (Employer) is simply listing the number of hours trade for site with no information about the value of the site or other perks they include.  This has become more of a standard procedure that can be improved upon with more information. The key is having all of the information with regard to the opportunity so you can effectively do your evaluation for the hours they are asking you to work.

For example, you may read an ad in the magazine that says: “Couple to work 25 hours per week for FHU. Duties include...” and automatically make an assumption that they are asking for too many hours based upon the statement WKN has stood behind of 15 to 20 hours/week - YOU MAY BE MISSING OUT ON MANY GREAT OPPORTUNITIES!

Here is an example shared by an Employer from the Rio Valley who hires Workampers for her resort during the winter months. The resort asks for 25 hours/week, which can be split by a couple into 12.5 hours/week with tailored shorter shifts of 4 hours. This additional information is valuable to you in your evaluation of this opportunity.

Yes, I know WKN has said 15 to 20 hours/week, but you must put it into perspective to accomplish a good evaluation of the opportunity. I am only talking about the listed elements of an opportunity (hours for trade, etc.) and am not addressing the psychological element (your desire to experience a particular geography, occupational environment and so much more).

In the above mentioned situation, here is what you would find with further evaluation:

Employer provides FHU (full hookup) campsite in their resort for the hours of 25/week. They also provide other benefits such as use of facility, special functions, benefits, etc., that their local staff members don’t even have available. The list is substantial, but again, often times must be found out on your own, and if the employer does not offer up the information through their advertising they are missing the ball as well.

In this instance, the value of the campsite is $1500/month. When you do the evaluation, here is what you get: 25 hours/week X 4.25 weeks/month = 106.25 hours/month. $1500 value of the campsite (not including all of the other goodies in this example) divided by the hours = $14.12/hour. This example actually works out to more than we see in many trades.

So, you can see how what might appear as a piece of coal, could actually be a diamond for your future.  Many say that the Employer should provide more information if they want to attract the quality of applicants they wish to have. Some of you have shared that you feel they don’t provide much information because they don’t have a good offer, or maybe they are hiding something! You can put the spin on it in many ways, and where the fault lies is of no importance in the final outcome. Ultimately, you want to get the very best opportunity for your future as possible!

I pledge to you that Workamper News will continue to work with Employers to encourage them to provide more information regarding their great opportunities, and to encourage you to do your duediligence when evaluating the opportunities.

Utilize additional tools to gain more insight such as listening to Super Charged audio recordings that many Employers are providing. Use the tools of Workamper News membership - contact Workampers who awarded stars to the Employer in Praise Your Employer and see if the Employer has been mentioned in the Workamper Experiences forum; search the Member Map to contact any Workampers who may be at that location now. All of these tools will provide you with more information to make an evaluation.

You will find many Diamonds out there with a little work on your part.

by Steve Anderson, Workamper News President

June 19, 2024

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