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For three decades, Workamper News has been bringing RVers together and connecting them with employers across the country. Whether you live full-time in your RV, travel seasonally, or you're just thinking about it right now - Workamper News has a membership level to help you experience the Workamper lifestyle.

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Benefits of Becoming a Workamper Member
Below is a list of tools available to Workamper members. They are color coded by member level.
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Hotline Jobs

The latest, hottest job openings available to Workampers coast-to-coast are posted to the Workamper News Hotline (updated each weekday)!  Workamper Diamond & Platinum members may view and search the last two week's Hotline ads when logged in, AND receive a daily email featuring all new job listings for that day. These members can even turn on Job Alert Emails based on their preferred states to receive job postings via email as soon as a new ad for that state is posted!  Gold members receive just a daily (weekday) email that includes Hotline ads posted one week in the past.

Workamper News Magazine

Published until the end of 2022, Workamper News magazine contains "help wanted" ads organized by state, along with helpful articles about the Workamping and RV lifestyle. The online archive has 100 issues! It's the largest archive of Workamper job listings!

Awesome Applicants Resume Builder

Use our step-by-step builder to create and maintain an awesome resume geared specifically towards Workamping. Once complete, your resume will be stored in a database searchable by hundreds of employers—or if you do not want employers to view it, you may hide your resume. You may also print out, email, or export your resume to a PDF file. Platinum members can have entries in their Work History section verified by Workamper News, making them stand out by taking away some of the leg-work for hiring employers!

Situations Wanted Ads

Get the word out to employers that you're available to be hired by placing your Situations Wanted Ad!  Members can run up to a 75-word ad that will be posted on our website for two months at a time. Share where you're looking to be, when you're available, and what skills you bring to the table to help their operation succeed!

Member Map

Update your location and view the locations of other Workampers by using our Member Map. It's easy to change your location, just use the Member Map Profile button. When you travel to a new location, update your settings and then search for other Workamper News members in the area. Researching a future employer or location? Search to see if other Workampers are in that same city now and contact them with any questions you may have.

Small Biz RVer School

The Small Biz RVer School was created to encourage RVers to develop a small business that can be run while on the road further enabling them to take advantage of extra income potential and tax savings.  The information and resources within will provide you with education and direction to help you take that next step and beyond!

Workamper Profile

Create your online profile sharing photos and your RVing adventures. The info you provide on your profile shows up when your Member Map pin is clicked.  This Member Map & Profile is not viewable by employers...just simply a way for Diamond & Platinum members to connect with others living the lifestyle.

Employer Tours

When researching an employer, this tool comes in handy for getting a glimpse of the working environment. Employers can upload a description and photos with captions to visually introduce you to their facilities.

Praise Your Employer

The Praise Your Employer tool gives you the opportunity to research a potential employer or provide positive feedback on a past employer. Employers are awarded stars by Workampers, so you can simply find the employer in the database and contact those who awarded the stars to ask about their experiences.

Workamper Experiences

This is an avenue for Workampers to share about their experience with a specific Employer. Searching Workamper Experiences (WE) should be one of your steps in researching a potential Employer. All posts are made by fellow Workampers or Employers. Remember, what is right for one may not be right for another so read, ask additional questions, and do an individual evaluation of the info presented.

Media Library

For years, Workamper News has been hosting online webinars to provide information, education and a connection to the experts of the Workamping world. We've recorded these webinars and organized them in the Media Library for you to watch at your convenience. Immerse yourself in the lifestyle and get answers to questions you have, or would have never thought to ask!

Article Index

Browse tons of articles written by RV Lifestyle Expert, Jaimie Hall Bruzenak, plus other experts in the Workamping world. Read about some Workampers' experiences, get tips for putting together your resume, learning reservation software, acquiring the right job for you, and much more!

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Media Library

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