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JG Security became a Featured Employer to share more details about their opportunities with you!

From their page:

Looking to quickly replenish your savings this summer? JG Security is looking for RV teams to guard our gates!

Gate guards are appointed at the entry and/or exit points of properties and work sites. Everyone on the work site MUST be 18 or older AND licensed. Applicants MUST provide their own partner, RV, AND separate vehicle besides the RV.

While we do have active gates all year round, our main hiring season is May-September. Though we entertain contracts nationwide, our main service area is Texas, bleeding into the NM and LA borders. We are also licensed in OK, AZ, AR, WV, and have a few others pending!

Our live-on-site gates will have a place for you to park the RV, and we will supply a support trailer, equipped with a 12KWH generator, fuel, water, and septic.

Our guards live onsite for the duration of the project. One person is accountable to the gate at all times of the day and night. Hours actively worked will depend on the traffic of that particular project, but usually fall between 6 - 12 hours a day between 2 people.

Learn more by visiting their Featured Employer page here.

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June 19, 2024

JG Security became a Featured Employer to share more details about...

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