Spring into Action: Updating Your Resume

The Winter has come and gone- and let’s be honest, you haven’t thought one bit about updating your resume. You enjoyed the warm weather of down south or out west and you forgot all about updating your resume on Workamper.com for employers looking for Awesome Applicants.

No worries! Help is on the way-

In just a few short steps you can update your resume with current information, letting potential employers know what kinds of seasonal employment you’re interested in and what specific states you’re looking to travel to.

As an added bonus- after you update your resume, our system will recognize your hard work and dedication to keeping your information current- so you’ll automatically be listed at the top of the search results- with other likeminded individuals.

10 Tips to Update Your Resume:

  1. Make sure your contact information is current.
  2. Update when you are available to start & season preferences.
  3. Be realistic about the locations you can and are willing to work in.
  4. Keep your Objective simple and general.
  5. Add relevant Skills & Work Experience.
  6. Include your references or a statement that they can be provided upon request.
  7. Don’t sell yourself short. Tell them why they should hire you!
  8. Include a simple headshot/close up and one of your rig.
  9. Keep it to one page.
  10. Check it for errors. Then check it again!


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