Workamping Q&A #14 - Your Questions Answered

[February 2023 Q&A Session] Have questions about Workamping and RVing? Listen in to this recorded webinar to get your questions answered by the creators and leaders of the Workamping industry - Workamper News

In this session, we discuss:

00:00 Live webinar attendee info
1:52 Welcome and about Workamper News
4:15 Steps to finding a Workamping job and job types
12:30 Creating a list of questions to ask an employer
14:55 Discussing compensation of Workamper jobs
18:50 Communicating after accepting a job
20:58 Work agreement
23:29 Best ways to review job listings
32:33 Seasonality of Workamper jobs; opportunities that are shorter
43:00 How far in advance should we look for a job?
47:00 Why your commitment is important
48:55 Do Employers hire newbies?
54:20 How to showcase yourself in a Workamping resume
1:02:15 Solo Workamping
1:08:09 Are there nursing jobs at campgrounds or other places?
1:10:32 How do people pay for everything?
1:14:16 Health insurance options other than Medicare
1:15:54 Pop up camper renovating
1:19:22 Wrap Up
1:20:31 Review of Workamper News membership levels
1:25:55 Wrap Up for real


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