Workamping Q&A #20 - Your Questions Answered

[September 2023 Q&A Session] Have questions about Workamping and RVing? Listen in to this recorded webinar to get your questions answered by the creators and leaders of the Workamping industry - Workamper News.

In this session, we discuss:

00:00 Welcome and about Workamper News
2:20  Hours? Pay? Living?
19:04 I have (insert description of RV here). Can I be a Workamper?
23:41 Can a disabled individual be a Workamper?
27:07 How do I get a Workamping job with no experience?
32:27 How do I make my resume stand out?
39:58 How do you deal with no response when sending out resume?
46:40 Where or who do I send my resume to?
47:31 How to find non-profit animal sanctuaries to Workamp at?
49:39 How to talk to a business that has never hired Workampers before?
51:44 Are there short-term jobs?
55:34 Are there laundry facilities most places?
56:59 We are going to work on a friend's farm. We want a contract. Help?
1:01:45 How to find a remote job?
1:05:27 Resources to help pick a truck to tow a travel trailer
1:17:26 What's the best option for internet/cell connection?
1:20:15 Wrap up


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