Workamping Q&A #9 - Your Questions Answered

In this session, we discuss:

00:00 Welcome
01:46 How Workamper News helps Workampers
05:10 What kind of jobs are available?
08:46 Are Workampers placed in jobs?
10:20 Why be cautious with your job search.
11:45 How to review Workamping job listings.
17:33 How to get Employers coming to you.
20:00 What is the best way to verify jobs and research employers?
23:20 Timing of applying for Workamper jobs.
24:14 Is there a list of questions to ask an Employer?
26:21 Are there scam campgrounds out there?
30:22 Do you have any contacts with Express Employment Professionals?
31:46 Featured Employers
32:38 What if I have no experience?
35:38 How does the age of the Workamper affect him/her?
39:09 Can I Workamp for just part of the year?
42:38 If there are 2 of us, but only 1 wants to apply - how does that work?
46:29 What kind of RV do I need to be a Workamper?
49:45 How can Canadians Workamp in the U.S.?
51:25 Can U.S. citizens Workamp in Canada?
52:28 How can I learn about campground reservation software?
55:10 How can I hear from Workampers who are doing this already?
58:45 How does fuel costs/inflation affect Workamping?
1:04:17 How do I get reliable internet service on the road?
1:09:10 Wrap up



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